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Sunday, 28 June 2015

SLB12's Wonderous Show Of Dream Journeys

Yesterday I looked at the SLB12 map and spotted a large number of avatars in the Wonderous sim.  I flew over and at first I couldn't get in because the sim was full, but finally I made it over the crossing and walked into the main hall where some great programs were taking place.  I looked around and couldn't make out what the people in the audience were sitting on, though sitting down they were!  As the show was about to start one of the organisers shouted out that everyone should be seated to avoid lag.  Then I realised that there were no seats as such, as the organiser advised us to 'ground sit'.  I spotted a small column near the door and promptly sat on that, as my 'ground sit' failed to work.  Good idea, why have seats taking up prims and causing more lag when everyone can just sit anyway and enjoy the show!

The stage area was set up like a country barn with a huge wagon wheel in the foreground for the dancers to perform on. It made an unusual and colourful setting.  The whole of SLB12 is based on Dreams and this show was lovely, using Dreams as a trip through life, spiritually and good on the eye as the commentator, with his deeply sexy voice, told us about our dreams and the universe and life!

It can't be easy setting up a dance routine in SL, the changes in costumes, the positions of the dancers and most of all starting the routine at exactly the same second.  These guys and girls were brilliant, talk about synchronicity!  I was transfixed as they moved as one, gliding through their SL steps.  I loved one of the main dancer's costumes, Klark Harvy appeared in his coat of many colours!  I think he had most of the women in the audience swooning anyway, his avatar looking a little bit too much like the new Poldark's handsome actor Aidan Turner (you haven''t seen Poldark? you must!!!).  I loved the dance routine with the guardian angels too, beautiful costumes and very well done!  Anyway here is a list of the cast taken from their own program:

The show was delightful, I'm glad I made it over the sim crossing in one piece in time to watch it!

Janey Bracken

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