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Sunday, 28 June 2015

A New Jazz Club Opens In SL, The Lounge Inspires The Purest Jazz Lovers!

After the SLB12 show (in the article below), I quickly got changed into an evening dress to attend the opening of a brand new Jazz Club owned by Xaphyre Ansar.  The Club is for the 'sophisti-cats' who love Jazz, pure Jazz in its truest form.  So if you want a classy and elegant night out, The Lounge Jazz Club is a venue you will want to visit over and over again!  The party was in full swing when I arrived, there was a cool saxophonist on the stage, Trowzer Boa, and he was amazing!  After Trowzer's brilliant performance, Club owner Xaphyre took to the stage and gave everyone a toast of SL champagne to celebrate the Lounge's first night!  Fantastic DJ Harry Hargreaves then sat at the piano to bring us some great Jazz as the dancing continued into the night!

I think this club, with its lovely atmosphere and tasteful and elegant decor will be a smash hit in SL, thanks for a great evening Xaphyre!

Janey Bracken

SLB12's Wonderous Show Of Dream Journeys

Yesterday I looked at the SLB12 map and spotted a large number of avatars in the Wonderous sim.  I flew over and at first I couldn't get in because the sim was full, but finally I made it over the crossing and walked into the main hall where some great programs were taking place.  I looked around and couldn't make out what the people in the audience were sitting on, though sitting down they were!  As the show was about to start one of the organisers shouted out that everyone should be seated to avoid lag.  Then I realised that there were no seats as such, as the organiser advised us to 'ground sit'.  I spotted a small column near the door and promptly sat on that, as my 'ground sit' failed to work.  Good idea, why have seats taking up prims and causing more lag when everyone can just sit anyway and enjoy the show!

The stage area was set up like a country barn with a huge wagon wheel in the foreground for the dancers to perform on. It made an unusual and colourful setting.  The whole of SLB12 is based on Dreams and this show was lovely, using Dreams as a trip through life, spiritually and good on the eye as the commentator, with his deeply sexy voice, told us about our dreams and the universe and life!

It can't be easy setting up a dance routine in SL, the changes in costumes, the positions of the dancers and most of all starting the routine at exactly the same second.  These guys and girls were brilliant, talk about synchronicity!  I was transfixed as they moved as one, gliding through their SL steps.  I loved one of the main dancer's costumes, Klark Harvy appeared in his coat of many colours!  I think he had most of the women in the audience swooning anyway, his avatar looking a little bit too much like the new Poldark's handsome actor Aidan Turner (you haven''t seen Poldark? you must!!!).  I loved the dance routine with the guardian angels too, beautiful costumes and very well done!  Anyway here is a list of the cast taken from their own program:

The show was delightful, I'm glad I made it over the sim crossing in one piece in time to watch it!

Janey Bracken

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Visiting the Electrify sim in SLB12's Celebrations

Dream of Steampunk

Here I am again, wandering around SLB12, I just wish I could include all the wonderful exhibits, there is so much to see!  Today I'm in the Electrify sim, and I've enjoyed every minute of it all.  A sucker for Space projects, I spotted the Dreams of Spaceflight: Past and Future - International Spaceflight Museum exhibit and went over for a look, it was very well done, our quest for travelling into space never relinquishes, I suspect there are some very clever people in SL who know more about space travel then they are letting on!  At completely the other end of the spectrum I came across the Dreaming of the Giant Snail Racing exhibit! such delight, snail racing has always been very popular in SL and why not, it's great fun! 

I spied a very attractive garden that oozed with good taste, it was then that I realised it was Prim Perfect's parcel, the wonderful Saffia Widdershins is a legend in design and the exhibit called Designing worlds - by Prim Perfect Publications, wasn't disappointing, it was truly lovely!

Next a little beach house caught my eye, a tiny desert island where you could relax and let the world go by!  It was LGBT Community living little beach by MGE Greymyst Estates.  SL wouldn't be SL without some Steampunk!  There is a wonderful Steampunk exhibit called the Dream of Steampunk by Somehow Peccable, it has some wonderful machinery in motion for people to see and enjoy!

I had to be careful with the next parcel, there was a trap set ready to go off!  The trap had the drawing next to it about how it worked though, so I was able to escape with my life!  It's Something Amazing, Kennylex Luckless, and the whole exhibit was great fun; The build in the middle reminded me of a doner kebab with stairs going up the outside.  They make freebies in SL and I guess that is what the community is all about, helping each other out and giving away gifts to make people happy! 

I found another lovely garden, this time it was the Fairy Garden by Ama la petite Fée (ama Avro). There were some giant keys from a computer scattered around with a mousemat and digital mouse at the entry point.  I guess the clue is there, you enter your imagination through your computer and what you can build to display your ideas! it was very well done!  I wandered on and came across the remains of a Medieval ruin, it was the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier.  Role play in all its glory, people love role play in SL, especially Medieval role play, dressing your avatar up and going back to those days has a fascination for many people and I can see why.

I had time to see one more exhibit today and it was the Biker Veterans Administration group, their notes read: BVA Goal & Mission - "The Biker Veterans Administration group is for military veterans of all countries and their families.... Our focus is to provide support for the vets by raising awareness to different foundations for fund raising such as-  Homes For Our Troops, Toys for tots, etc...  Using SL and its residents to help veterans by providing them a place and a group of other veterans and their families to rely on for any type of support they may need."  That is the beautiful thing about SL, important topics can also be displayed alongside the fun ones, people do some fantastic work using SL as a media platform.  Below are the pics I took today, make sure you go over and see SLB12 for yourself.

Janey Bracken
The trap which looks like it's set for Torley (Torley Linden? I wonder!) 

The large rock reminded me of a doner kebab! tasty!

Loved the Fairy Garden with the giant computer keys!

Fairy Garden, the cottage was curious though, is that prozac figures I see?

A nice Medieval Role Play Parcel, great for people starting out!

The Biker Veterans Administration group

Dreams of Spaceflight: Past and Future

Designing Worlds - Prim Perfect Publications

LGBT Community living little beach  

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Visiting Second Life's 12th Birthday Exhibition (SLB12) 23rd June 2015

I went over to SLB12 today (Second Life's 12th Birthday Exhibition!!) and there is so much to see!!  One of the first things I spotted was a very familiar London sight! Big Ben, with some amazing jets flying past! It was an exhibit from the Second Life Military Community and it looked great!  The sim I was wandering around today was  Stupendous

The 12th Birthday SL theme is "What Dreams May Come", which is a lovely idea, it opens up so many options for people to use their skills and the exhibitors have certainly used their imaginations this year!  We have some delightful creators in Second Life and they are just so very clever with their ideas!!  I'm going to explore some more over the next few days, but here are some pictures from what I've seen today, including taking a ride on a very handsome green dragon!!! Such fun!!!

Janey Bracken
A touch of meditation at Shambhala Sanctuary - exquisite!

Poppy's Place - never stop dreaming! ground level

Poppy's Place - never stop dreaming! Under the water! Beautifully done!

Once Upon a Family - Lovely unusual design!

Gianfar Peaks of Pern - big green dragon ride, such fun!

Vacation on Mars with the National Space Society - loved the bendy bus!

Dream Trees by Elin Egoyan - gorgeous artwork from Elin!

Contested Waters - powerful warship, very well built!!

Goddess Fantasies - beautifully created garden with some great posters!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The HangOut Club Celebrates Its 5th Year!

Club Owner Janis Short

Clubs come and go in Second Life, so for a club to still be as poplar after 5 years is a massive achievement when there is so much competiton around!  Janis Short's club, the Hangout, is as vibrant and lively as the day she opened it 5 years ago! Yes the Hangout celebrated its 5th Anniversary  tonight with a 1960s themed party and the place was buzzing. It was lovely to see all the 1960s costumes and dances, the music, as ever, was magic, pure swinging 60s tunes, drawn from owner/dj Janis's close connection to the real life music scene that she is such an expert on.  The party must have vibrated around the universe and woken up our alien friends! Halfway through the evening we had a visit from one of the Clangers, (those little alien cuties who live under dustbin lids on the moon!). It turned out to be our very own BrainPhrozen Woodsheart doing a bit of shape-shifting when we weren't looking!  Still everyone was welcome, aliens and all, and the party was one to remember!  May you have many more years of success with the Hangout Janis, thanks for a great night!

Janey Bracken


Clanger BrainPhrozen