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Saturday, 25 April 2015


Bernice Galtier celebrated her Birthday this week and she did it in style, not with one party, but with two in Second Life.  The first Birthday bash was at Muckers Club, where the clubbers took to the water as Mermaids and Mermen.  Ed Follet was there and he took some pictures of the wonderful costumes the guests wore (see below).  The second Birthday party was a surprise one for Bernice at Zorro's Tavern.  This time it was a formal 'do' and the stylish and beautiful Bernice looked amazing in her black and red ball gown.  Dj Janis Short supplied the great music and we all had a brilliant time!  Happy Birthday Bernice!

Janey Bracken

Photos below by Janey Bracken


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Zorro's Tavern New Location

Don't miss out on any great nights at Zorro's Tavern.  Zorro's has a new location, owner Rob Fenwitch's fantastic pub has moved to New York Town (108, 92, 21)

Janey Bracken

Monday, 6 April 2015

Cutewillow Opens Her 'Unique Garden Creations' Market Place Store

I've known Cutewillow Carlberg for most of my SL years!  Cute is a beautiful gifted lady who has many strings to her bow! She has lots of experience in running virtual clubs and is also a talented SL builder, creating many wonderful objects for the virtual world of Second Life. 

Cute ran the very popular and famous New West End Club (regretfully now closed) with SL business partner Clive Hissop.  As well as being part owner of the club, Cute had been the hostess in the early days before becoming a talented dj.  Cute can look back on many magical evenings at the club, with her great music and easy going style she made sure everyone had a brilliant time.  Among the other clubs Cute has dj'd at are Toby's Juke Joint, The Ratwarf and many other venues.  She tells me that her favourite place and one that will always be in her heart is the New West End Club as well as her own little pub which she opened for a short time as well.

Just recently however, Cute has had to put her dj'ing on hold, her beloved real life dog Willow has been very ill and Cute is devoting her time to looking after her much loved pet.  Cute told me that Willow is now blind and is also diabetic;  Cute explained that she nearly lost her this year. So she has to treat Willow's diabetes twice a day and also keeps a close eye on her to make sure she is ok.  Cute has promised to return to dj'ing as soon as she can.  

Whilst Cute hasn't dj'd full time for a while, she still dj's occasionally for friends if they ask her to.  She has also been busy with her virtual building and she has opened a shop in the Second Life Market Place called 'Unique Garden Creations'.  I asked Cute how she got into building in SL and she told me she had always loved watching Clive build ("if he let you" giggled Cute!).  Cute had always made the gifts for the SL Hunts she used to hold at the New West End Club and I can verify how beautifully made her gifts are.

Cute has stocked Unique Garden Creations with some exquisite mesh sculptures and  fountains. They are very elegant and she also has them scipted with bird and water sounds.  She tells me she is still experimenting with new builds and she intends to include plants and flowers later on. Take a look at Cute's artwork, her work would grace any SL garden. 

I asked Cute if she had anything to say about her time in SL.  She says she has made many new friends along the way, but still misses her days at the New West End Club with Clive.  Cute added  "I truly  miss   Fred (Clive), I called him,  he called me Wilmmaaaa.  I miss him so much, I  miss  dj'ing  there weekly, I just miss my  friends.  I also miss vinnie (vinnie was the club's pet vulture, he swooped around the clubbers as they danced and became quite famous in his own right!), and Tasty too (Tasty was a regular at the New West End Club).  I just  miss Fred  aka  Clive . come back soon  Clive I miss  yah xxx"

I wish Cutewillow much success with her new shop in Market Place and I would like t thank her for this interview.

Janey Bracken