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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Happy Birthdays To Nahi And Truths

A beautiful garden, a group of splendidly dressed guests, some fantastic music and a special celebration for two of SL's favourite people - Nahi (Nahiram Vaniva) and Truths (Truths Marder).
The party was to celebrate both of their birthdays! It was a formal occasion, a masked ball and a night to remember.  Janis Short did a brilliant job with her amazing music and Rob Fenwitch, who owns the venue, Zorro's Tavern, had turned the interior of the club into a lovely meadow.  I hope Truths and Nahi have very Happy Birthdays!

Janey Bracken


1 comment:

Nahiram Vaniva said...

Wonderful Celebration! Thanks to Janis for the excellent music; to Rob for the awesome garden he set up for us to enjoy! Janey, deep thanks for your wonderful report of the party! Thanks a buch!
To our friends, it was wonderful to see you there and enjoy your company on this special day!! <3