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Saturday, 3 May 2014

The New London Village Is Back!

Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide's very popular London Village is back!  The (New) London Village had been one of the most popular sims in SL and Kat and Laredo worked hard to bring us a London that was alive and exciting with a regular round of new events and builds. Well they are back and they have some amazing London scenes with beautifully detailed buildings and areas such as the Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, Cleopatra's Needle and Trafalgar Square.  There's also a beach you can relax on, you might not see such a nice place near the real London, but hey, this is SL and you are only restricted by your imagination!  Looking around, I noticed a Tardis, well it wouldn't be the London Village without one would it! There's also a great Night Club actually inside the House of Commons, so come on all you real MP's, come into SL for a drink and a rave up at Kat and Laredo's place! (Laredo is pictured below in the club).  Welcome back London Village, we've missed it!!  Go over and pay them a visit (New London Village)

Janey Bracken

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