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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The HangOut Club Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary

It hardly seems like yesterday, yet Janis Short's The HangOut Club celebrated its 4th Anniversary yesterday. Yes it's four years since dj Janis opened the doors to perhaps one of the most popular clubs in Second Life.  Dj Janis has worked hard over the past 4 years to turn the tiny Club into a piece of art for each session she puts on there.  Last night's celebration was a blast from the past, a terrific Swinging 60's bash.  Everyone joined in the fun with their mod style outfits.  Congratulations Janis, we've been reporting the HangOut since the beginning in Virtually London Lite and your Club remains one of the top venues for a brilliant night out in SL!

Janey Bracken


Fred Uralia said...

Congratulations to Janis for 4 years of Hanging Out!

The party was great fun and the music was fab.

Great pictures Janey :)

Truths Marder said...

4 down, more to go! Best tunes, best place, best people, no wonder we're all still ticking. Congrats Hangout and Janis!

raushni khan said...
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