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Monday, 10 March 2014

Happy Birthday Truths!

Be-Bop-a-Lula, she's my baby!! Yes another great night at the HangOut! Pure 50s and 60s music and not only that, a surprise birthday party too!  Happy Birthday Truths! It was Truths Marder's birthday and he and Nahi danced the night away with their many friends down at Janis Short's ever popular HangOut Club. Janis was the dj for the night and the evening was a lot of fun with some trivia too to keep everyone on their toes (besides dancing that is lol).  Hope you had a lovely time Truths!

Janey Bracken
(photos below courtesy of Hibiscus Hastings)


Truths Marder said...

A fab time at THE fab place with the best people and tunes. We love you all, thanks so much for coming by, ty janis for the nest tunes ever!

Truths Marder said...

-n, +b

Truths Marder said...

annnnnnd gracias Janey and Hibs! Love Virtual London (lite)

Ed Follet said...

I'm sad I couldn't be there but best wishes to Truths and thanks to Janey and Hib for enabling me share this jolly gathering :-))

Janis Short said...

really glad everyone had a good time ...we were crammed in there grooving to the best jukebox tunes and having a blast with Truths & Nahi...thank you to all who attended and who made the party so much fun!