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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Rob's Fabulous Opening Night Of His New Pub, Zorro's Tavern!

The man in black with the sparkling green eyes took centre stage in the old tavern house, and he had an air of mystery about him!  Well I should say, the Foxy guy in black, because it's our very own Rob Fenwitch, dressed to kill in his Zorro outfit!  He cut a dashing figure as he danced away at the opening night of his new pub, Zorro's Tavern.  And what an absolutely fabulous evening it was, there were four dj's starting with BrainPhrozen Woodsheart, then Janis Short, followed by Ciara McDonnell-Silvansky and finally with Peter Davids taking the last spot.  The hostesses Catriona Macbain and Bernice Galtier kept everyone happy as we all danced to the four dj's terrific music!

If the first night is anything to go by, Rob's Zorro's Tavern will be a hot favourite in SL for a good night out; Call in and have a pint and dance the night away, but watch that Foxy figure with the sparkling green eyes! he's the spit of Zorro himself!

Janey Bracken


wulla Zabelin said...

Was a great party, im sure his new club going to be great! :)

Ed Follet said...

Congrats Rob... looking forward to great nights to come!! Nice report Janey :-)

Janey Bracken said...

Hi wulla and Ed,
Thanks Ed, Wasn't it just a brilliant night! I'm sure Rob has a real winner with this one, well done Rob!!

Janey x