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Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Parties And Happy Birthday Annie Fanny!

It was a dark spooky evening and it was even spookier in the New West End Club last night!  Club owners Clive and Cute had created an atmosphere of ghostly happenings, enough to wake the dead!  Clive had done a brilliant job creating the eerie graveyard as the witches and warlocks, pumpkin heads, Frankenstein monsters and even a Goth couple with a sweet little baby partied into the early hours .  Well I thought he was sweet until he pulled a knife from under his blanket! I'm definitely not babysitting that one!  I feared for Cute's life at one stage, she was happily dj'ing in the loveliest tiny bunny costume when chainsaw massacre Clive crept up behind her.  I thought the bunny was about to be boiled, but luckily Clive wasn't in the mood for getting blood on his graveyard floor and he went off to dance! We had a very glamorous witch with long blonde hair and a sexy black outfit; It was Annie Fanny who is also celebrating her birthday this week! Happy Birthday Annie!!

Later that night we carried on the Halloween celebrations over at Seany's Club Underground where Nora was dj'ing. Ignoring the blood stains on the walls from some ghastly violence before we arrived,  we danced to the great music and planned to make a quick get away before dawn when we would all suffer an awful fate if the rays of the sun got to us!  I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, we certainly did!

Janey Bracken
Many Thanks to Hibiscus Hastings for her selection of excellent photographs with the orange backgrounds hereunder.