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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Happy 7th Rezday Slate!

Yesterday Slate McLeod celebrated his 7th Rez Day at Janis Short's HangOut Club. The club was packed as Slate played 80s New Romantic music, much to the enjoyment of everyone there. We all had a great time dancing, chatting and playing trivia. Unfortunately I had to leave the party early due to RL, so missed catching up with some who arrived after I had left. Happy Rez Day Slate, 7 years!

Hibiscus Hastings


wulla Zabelin said...

great pictures and was a great event! Im on the last picture ..woot!

Janis Short said...

Loved the story and the pics Hibs...hope we see you again soon. It was a great party 22 people filled our little club and it was a wonderful time for all. The good news is Slate is going to be DJ'ing at the HangOut the first Tuesday of every month ... yay Slate