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Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Janis Short, dj and owner of the Hangout Club, celebrated her 6th Rez Day last night with an amazingly spectacular Alice in Wonderland Party!   The small club was packed out with Janis's friends and a more colourful assortment of costumes would be hard to find!  Janis herself had a brilliant outfit, she sported a Mad Hatter's wobbly hat and her dress had hearts and teapots for good measure!  There was no fear of the dormouse sleeping at this party, Janis's great music kept everyone up and dancing until well after closing time.  Congratulations on 6 wonderful years in SL Janis, keep those records spinning for the next decade!

Janey Bracken 
Many thanks to Hibiscus Hastings for some terrific pictures further down!


Janis Short said...

I was completely overwhelmed by the turnout and the generosity of all my wonderful sl friends yesterday. Six years is a long time, but i think the amazing group of people that choose to be my friends and attend shows at the HangOut is what keeps me coming back again and again. Thank you to Janey and Hibs for the wonderful photos and memories.

Hibiscus said...

I think that was the maddest (in the best way) rez day party I have been to in SL. The club was absolutely packed and everyone looked fabulous. Happy Rez Day, Janis.

Janey Bracken said...

Brilliant party Janis, you certainly made the club a Wonderland and it was a night to remember! SL at its very best! Hope you had a great time on your Rez Day xxx