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Friday, 16 August 2013

Sad News, The New London Village Has Closed

I heard some sad news last night, one of my favourite sims, and possibly the best SL sim ever, had closed. Yes the wonderful New London Village created by Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide finally closed its doors, leaving many of its residents and regular visitors distraught.  However, times move on and Kat and Laredo are putting their efforts into a new project in SL with another British theme in their new Green Park sim.

I had had some brilliant times at the New London Village. Kat and Laredo let Virtually London Lite have an office there, Hibiscus and I also rented a shop each to sell our Christmas Decs and paintings.  The sim was always changing, always new projects and exhibits, those two worked really hard to make it an exciting vibrant place for their visitors and residents.  The Doctor who theme was much loved by everyone, there were many 'doctor' avs walking around and many Tardis's with their proud owners.  Goodbye to the New London Village, another piece of SL history, and welcome to Kat and Laredo's new project!  Below are the comments taken from the 100th edition of their New London Village blog announcing the closing of the sim:

Janey Bracken

London Village closes tonight after 5 successful years of fun, events, and a little mayhem.

After much consideration, we have decided to try something new and a little less intense (and expensive!) We could carry on in the comfort zone of a successful project like London Village, but both artistically and with a desire for a little less financial pressure we have collectively decided to take a step into a new future!

There are a lot of people, too many to name, I would like to thank for their hard work and dedication to the project that has been New London / London Village since 2008. Some of those people have long since moved on, some are still on the team, but every single person who made a contribution to the sim, I thank you.

To all our regular visitors, I thank you too, for without you there would have been very little point to London Village and certainly no soul.

We hope many of you will join us in our new home (which we will open very soon!) There you will find there some familiarities, a slower pace, and new areas to enjoy.

NLS will be unaffected, bar a change of location for the main store.

Thank you all for making this years London Village Festival another hugely successful event! Join us at the Festival tonight, for our final night, as we say goodbye to London Village in style!

- Kat Kassner

Kat’s announcement marks our 100th post on this blog. For myself, I came to London Village in 2009 a year or so late to the party. It’s been a great place, with a lot of great memories, though anyone who knows us, knows that we’ve found it harder and harder to find new visions for the sim, so while it’s a sad announcement, it’s a fresh beginning. The decision didn’t come lightly, and we’ve been preparing for this moment for the past few weeks – leaving you with the best Festival the sim could offer as a goodbye! Thanks to Roxanne, Sinji and Holo for the music for Sunday and Geoff for the 7Seas fishing! Well over 60 people were here in sim this evening. Great success and a lot of appreciation for the sim from visitors and regulars. Times change, our lives have changed, priorities have changed. Change is all about that. I’m heartened to see people understand that! Thank you.

This blog will finish with the sim, but stay up for posterity. Thank you all for reading! See you on the next project!

- Laredo Lowtide