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Sunday, 21 April 2013

24 hour Blackout of Internet Tomorrow

I had this notice from one of my groups today and basically this is very important, it affects anyone who uses the internet and considers that they have a right to privacy in respect of emails and other means of communication:

"NO SL & no use of any internet accessing item for 24 hrs.  April 22 Online ‘Blackout’ to Protest  Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act  (CISPA), This act will eliminate any Privacy protection offered by Google, Microsoft or any corporation.  The gov. will tap ALL, know ALL . As philosophers this is our chance to ACT for a cause. I ask for your support.. No philosopher holding their internet life dear be on tomorrow. Hugs... of course you are free to choose."

If you care about keeping your life private and do not want any snooping on the internet, then join the protest and stay off of the internet altogether from midnight tonight for 24 hours.  It's hard, we are all so used to talking to our friends around the world in SL and by email and other sources, but the choice is yours.  I'll be watching the tv instead; Yikes! I never usually switch it on!

Janey Bracken

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