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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Happy Birthday Truths and Nahi!

                                                    Spring Has Sprung
                                                    The Grass is Ris
                                                    I Wonder Where
                                                    Everybody Is?

"Everybody" was in The HangOut, Janis Short's wonderful club, to celebrate the birthdays of Truths Marder and Nahiram Vaniva!

Spring has indeed sprung inside the club which was lush with beautiful flowers  and waving grass. Janis has been busy taking care of the garden, sowing, weeding and watering, in fact the garden hose was still out and I am afraid my shoes got soaked, but it was well worth it.

Friends of Truths and Nahi packed the club listening to retro music and enjoying the good company. Many Happy Returns, Truths and Nahi, best wishes to both of you.

Hibiscus Hastings


Janis Short said...

it was a great glad you and all our friends made it !!!
and thanks for the coverage!
janis xx

Nahiram Vaniva said...

Thanks for this great post, Hibs! very detailed , accurate and colorful! Colorful as Spring was portrayed in The Hangout for Truths and Nahi's birthdays celebration in SL. A wonderful garden full of multicolored flowers and bugs!!! DJ Janis did a great job setting up the garden and also the music, my feet hurt of so much dancing (and fingers from singing). And Our friends! It was such a pleasure to see them all dancing and chatting! Thanks a lot to all of you!