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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Happy Rez Days to Drax and Boye!

The Rez Days are all happening!  It was Drax Ember's 5th Rez Day today and I'd like to wish him a very happy day!!  Drax, pictured above, wasn't having an SL party as he's going to a real life Christmas party tonight!  I hope he has lots of fun and we'll catch up with the SL celebrations another time! I'd also like to wish Boye Jervil a Happy Rez Day, he too had his Rez Day this week, I hope you had a good one Boye!!!

Janey Bracken


Ed Follet said...

Happy Rez Days to the Grumpy Old Gits!! Lol.. I shouldn't laugh as I will soon be joining that exclusive club. As you get older 3 things happen... first your memory goes - I can't remember the other two!! Hehe hope you had great days :-))

Drax said...

Thank you so much!!!!