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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Goth Night At The Hat And Feather Pub

There was a fabulous party at the Hat and Feather Pub tonight, owner Isobel Byron decided to hold a Goth themed evening, there was seriously dark romantic clothes, torn tights, long black hair and pale skin, (and that was just the guys!!!).  I always think of SL Goths as looking like SL Vampires without the pointy teeth!  Well both Goths and Vampires have style! So tonight I left my pointy teeth at home and put on my best black Goth outfit!  Everyone looked terrific and dj Keif Denimore played some great music!   We all had a brillaint time!

Janey Bracken



Ed Follet said...

Hey Janey it certainly was a fun evening, thanks to everyone who attended :-)) Do you think torn tights a good look with my legs? Maybe I should borrow Iso's fishnets next time!! LoL

Janey Bracken said...

Any tights would look good on those Follet legs!!! Not sure Iso would want to lend her fishnets though! You might have to wax your legs first! ouch!!