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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Halloween Night Tonight At The New West End Club and Fantastic Hunt Too!

Scary things going on at the New West End Club tonight as well as over the Halloween period, I saw a couple of skeletons hiding behind some creepy trees, and I warned Club Owner/dj Cute to watch out behind her!!!  It was ok though, Cute knew they were there, joint Club Owner Clive had been working hard to create a wonderful spooky graveyard inside the club and they are having a real ghostly event there at 1.30(SLT) this evening, so get your Halloween outfits on and head over for a 'Wail!!' of a time! Don't be late!  Cute has been busy too, she has a brilliant Halloween Hunt with lots of amazing gifts hidden inside the club, so if you can't make it tonight head over any time for the Hunt!!  You'd be bats to miss it!!!!

Janey Bracken

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