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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Happy 5th Rez Day Janis!

Happy Rez Day to Janis Short, who celebrated her 5th Rez Day yesterday at her wonderful HangOut Club. Janis had made the club into an amazing Fairy wood with pretty flowers and shrubs. The guests dressed accordingly with their beautiful fairy and elf outfits.  Janis looked stunning in a deep pink fairy costume and she had a great time. It was a fantastic party and may Janis have many more Rez Days to come!!!

Janey Bracken
(pictures below by courtesy of Janis)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Halloween Night Tonight At The New West End Club and Fantastic Hunt Too!

Scary things going on at the New West End Club tonight as well as over the Halloween period, I saw a couple of skeletons hiding behind some creepy trees, and I warned Club Owner/dj Cute to watch out behind her!!!  It was ok though, Cute knew they were there, joint Club Owner Clive had been working hard to create a wonderful spooky graveyard inside the club and they are having a real ghostly event there at 1.30(SLT) this evening, so get your Halloween outfits on and head over for a 'Wail!!' of a time! Don't be late!  Cute has been busy too, she has a brilliant Halloween Hunt with lots of amazing gifts hidden inside the club, so if you can't make it tonight head over any time for the Hunt!!  You'd be bats to miss it!!!!

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Happy Birthday Slate and a Moulin Rouge Evening at the Club Underground

It was one for the boys last night as the girls dressed in their glamorous skimpy Moulin Rouge costumes down at the Club Underground!  Celebrating early was Slate McLeod, whose birthday it is today, Happy Birthday Slate! hope you have a good one!!!  (Slate is pictured above with his beautiful wife Barbie) The Moulin Rouge theme is one of club owners Seany and Brie's favourite events and everyone loves getting dressed up for it, made complete of course, with a few machine guns scattered around the room!  You didn't mess with those 1920's gangsters!  It was a brilliant night!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 4 October 2012


Oh my goodness!! It was Hibiscus Hastings' Rez Day yesterday, five years in SL and I had wanted to plan a lovely party for her!  I could make the cake and do the posters for the party, but I needed help for a venue and a dj!  Then along came great friends Ed Follet, Isobel Byron and Cutewillow Carlberg to the rescue!  Isobel has a terrific pub called the Hat and Feather, just the thing for a party!  Ed and Isobel suggested an Edwardian theme, I knew this too would be one of Hibiscus's favourite types of events and the wonderful Cute offered to dj for us!  So everything was in place, I busily sent the invitations out a few days before and to my horror Hibiscus didn't appear at her regular time in SL on the eve of her party.  She sent me a message   much later that night saying her internet connection had gone down, it's never happened to her before as far as I know!  So I started to worry about her getting on line for her party the next day!  I need not have worried, everything went brilliantly, even down to the fact that Hib didn't have a clue about the event and she arrived astonished as everything including the guests  rezzed in front of her.  Isobel had done us proud with the pub, it looked fantastic and Cute even played some of  Hib's favourite Micheal Buble songs!!  I'd like to thank everyone for coming and a special thanks to Isobel, Ed and Cute, they made it a party to remember!

Janey Bracken