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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Pete Santilli Show In Second Life

Did you know that the Pete Santilli Show is in Second Life?  Pete has a radio studio in SL where you can listen to his broadcasts, he's contraversial, but he's saying it the way it appears to be happening, what do you think?

Happy Birthday Cute!

Virtually London (lite) would like to wish Cute Balance (Cutewillow Carlberg) a very Happy Birthday!  It was Cute's birthday yesterday and she celebrated her day at the New West End Club.  Cute dj'd and we all enjoyed her birthday bash!  Hope you had a brilliant day Cute!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 6 September 2012

British Radio Station Ocean Radio Comes To SL

There's a great new radio station you can use in SL and it's British!  I had a lovely surprise when Pippa Rexen from Ocean Radio kindly sent me an SL player so I could hear just how cool the radio channel is, and I can tell you it's great!  You can also hear the music from their web page.
Visit the website or SL portals for more information, here is an extract from their website which tells you a little more:

OCEAN RADIO IS BASED IN THE UK, APPROXIMATELY 40 MILES FROM LONDON – We aim to bridge the real and virtual words and to bring more musicians into those virtual words to play to the large audiences of music lovers there from all around the world – and to bring musicians we hear in Second Life to the listeners on the internet so that they can ‘discover’ them too!   We also aim to link communities within Second Life.  Ocean Radio started within the sailing community on Second Life and our main location there is the Angels Gate lighthouse on the Hollywood Estate, next to Starboards Yacht Club. However as we spread our wings and music we are linking more and more communities up – music is a wonderful language that we all speak regardless of our geographic locations.  In world contact Pippa Rexen.  Check us out and like us on Facebook – which is also a very good contact point for musicians and fans of the radio station.
Visit the portals in SL - Helvellyn Ocean Radio Portal
                                      Angels Gate Ocean Radio
Janey Bracken

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Little Taste Of London In Venice!

Whilst on my travels around SL I went over to explore the 'Tribute City - A Tribute to Venice, Italy' sim and it's a lovely place to visit and enjoy yourself with plenty of shops and clubs and lots going on.  Well one of the clubs is called the Club Capital and yes, it's a little bit of London in Venice!!  See my full article about the sim at CNN

Janey Bracken