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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Alice In Wonderland Trilogy of Parties at the HangOut

Friday, Saturday and Monday The HangOut invited it's friends and patrons to take a magical trip into Wonderland, complete with Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit and a deck of cards. Owner Janis Short turned the tiny club into a place filled with whimsey and wonder. Friday DJ TXBarb played two hours of mad and crazy tunes, Saturday DJ Brain picked up the pace with some peppy dance tunes, and Monday the last day of the Wonderland Trilogy DJ Janis took her guests back in time with a great retro dance party. This is only one of the more ambitious theme parties the HangOut has mounted of late which have included Under The Sea, Tarzan, Summer Beach Party, Brighton Pier, and more recently a Las Vegas Casino to celebrate Simon Seurat's sixth rezday. "I really enjoy transforming the club into a total visual and audio experience," Janis explains. "For me accuracy and atomosphere is what the HangOut surroundings are all about so when I attack a theme I only get the best props to make it work. Everyone had a great time this weekend. The HangOut looks forward to putting on more theme events in the future.

Janis Short
(Editors Note - All the photos are taken by Janis and they cover three days at the HangOut when the dj's were TXBarbara, Brain and Janis)

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