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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Top dj Your Worst Nightmare (Brainphrozen Woodsheart) celebrated his birthday tonight at the HangOut Club.  Dj TXBarbara played some brilliant music and the place was buzzing!  Hope you had a great time Brain!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all at Virtually London (lite)!!!

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Alice In Wonderland Trilogy of Parties at the HangOut

Friday, Saturday and Monday The HangOut invited it's friends and patrons to take a magical trip into Wonderland, complete with Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit and a deck of cards. Owner Janis Short turned the tiny club into a place filled with whimsey and wonder. Friday DJ TXBarb played two hours of mad and crazy tunes, Saturday DJ Brain picked up the pace with some peppy dance tunes, and Monday the last day of the Wonderland Trilogy DJ Janis took her guests back in time with a great retro dance party. This is only one of the more ambitious theme parties the HangOut has mounted of late which have included Under The Sea, Tarzan, Summer Beach Party, Brighton Pier, and more recently a Las Vegas Casino to celebrate Simon Seurat's sixth rezday. "I really enjoy transforming the club into a total visual and audio experience," Janis explains. "For me accuracy and atomosphere is what the HangOut surroundings are all about so when I attack a theme I only get the best props to make it work. Everyone had a great time this weekend. The HangOut looks forward to putting on more theme events in the future.

Janis Short
(Editors Note - All the photos are taken by Janis and they cover three days at the HangOut when the dj's were TXBarbara, Brain and Janis)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Happy 6th Rez Day Zimon!!

Zimon Zeurat (Alias Simon Seurat!) celebrated his 6th Rez Day last night at the HangOut Club.  Zimon looked very handsome dressed as James Bond as he danced with beautiful friend Cutie;  and the whole evening was themed on 007, Casino Royale.  Club owner Janis Short was dressed as a cigarette girl, but no one wanted to buy any ciggies as they couldn't get close to her because of her pet tiger!  Robyn was dressed as a delicious birthday cake with some cream in the right places to hide her blushes and Slate was ready to zoom Barbie up into the stars with his James Bond style jet pack on his back!  There was also some James Bond trivia and it was a great evening.  Happy Rez Day Zimon!!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fun At The Hat and Feathers Pub

The Public House is roomy and trendy-white with some lovely marble architecture, and it's a brilliant venue for parties and celebrations.  In fact why not make the Hat and Feathers Pub your local!  I met Isobel and Ed down at Isobel's new pub and the theme was, as you might guess, a contest for the best hat!   Hibiscus drew my eye as she danced around, she looked like she had an ice cream cone on her head, but she assured me that it was a cupcake hat.  Ice cream or cupcake, she was moving around too much for me to get a lick of it!  so mean! I bet she ate the whole thing later on! Simon, or Ziman as he was that night, had a hat with some goats horns sticking through it, he told us that he was a Satyr, but he still cut a rug with those cloven hooves of his!  DJ Luc Wycliffe played some fantastic tunes and we had a terrific evening!!  The large hat in the picture is one of my hats from The Mad Hattery in SL, my favourite hat shop!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Happy Rez Day Nilsy!!!!!

A very Happy Rez Day to Nilsy who celebrated 5 years in SL yesterday.  Nils Tomorrow is one of the most talented designers in the virtual world and real life too! Hope you had a brilliant day Nillllsssssss!!! Wished I'd been there! Nilsy had her party at the Hangout Club and later at the New West End Club and the Club Underground, must have been quite a night!  Pictures by courtesy of our very own Ed Follet, thanks Ed!

Janey Bracken