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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Heaven and Hell at the HangOut Club

You had a choice, you could be in Heaven or Hell down at the HangOut Club last night.  Naughty owner Janis Short was clearly being a little devil as she danced in the club cage wearing a very sexy red outfit with horns and a tail!  Dj TXBarbara on the other hand, was up in the clouds on the stage area wearing a heavenly white angel outfit and very pretty she looked too!  It seems most of us opted to be little devils and Janis had even installed a dance floor with flames burning our toes!  Ed turned up as an angel, but somehow I don't think he is as saintly as he makes out, as he clearly enjoyed all the ladies dressed in their Heaven and Hell outfits!  I loved Nil's leather dress by the way, it's clever fashion designer Nil's latest creation for her Nils Island Fashion Store (third picture below).

Janey Bracken

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