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Sunday, 24 June 2012

SL9B - Our Tea Room and Gardens At Expo

We've not had a lot of time to go clubbing lately, it's Second Life's 9th Birthday, SL9B and Hibiscus, Ed, Spooks, Isobel and me have been making our mark at the Expo.  We have a Tea Room and gardens with a romantic dance floor, a smart Tea House, a Summerhouse and a fun Teacup Carousel!  Isobel has some of her cartoons on display and they are really clever and very different!  Hib is giving away a free picture with some recipes and some facts about tea and I'm giving away a trolley with some cakes and a table lamp.  So go on over and have a good time.  The Expo is enormous and there are many fantastic sights there, people have used their imaginations and it's the best ever SL Birthday! (and we are in Showcase!)

Janey Bracken
Ed, Janey, Hibiscus and Spooks
Our First Visitors to the Tea Room
Free gifts

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Heaven and Hell at the HangOut Club

You had a choice, you could be in Heaven or Hell down at the HangOut Club last night.  Naughty owner Janis Short was clearly being a little devil as she danced in the club cage wearing a very sexy red outfit with horns and a tail!  Dj TXBarbara on the other hand, was up in the clouds on the stage area wearing a heavenly white angel outfit and very pretty she looked too!  It seems most of us opted to be little devils and Janis had even installed a dance floor with flames burning our toes!  Ed turned up as an angel, but somehow I don't think he is as saintly as he makes out, as he clearly enjoyed all the ladies dressed in their Heaven and Hell outfits!  I loved Nil's leather dress by the way, it's clever fashion designer Nil's latest creation for her Nils Island Fashion Store (third picture below).

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Well it's a stormy old night in the UK where I am, and I had already crashed once when my wifi signal faded with the rain, but I managed to get back on and head towards the Club Underground to help lovely  Brie Janick celebrate her birthday.  TXBarbara was dj'ing and the club was filled with Brie's friends who were sharing her big day.  It was a wonderful party and I'm sorry to say I crashed again, so I would like to wish Brie a very very Happy Birthday and I hope she had a fantastic time!!

Janey Bracken