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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Grand Pub Opening - Come Along To The Old Bull and Bush!

Come, Come, Come and make eyes at me, down at the Old Bull and Bush, La, la la la la! Come, Come and drink some port wine with me, down at the Old Bull and Bush!  Well now it doesn't matter if it's past closing time, you can still get a pint down at the new pub that is opening Tuesday night at 2pm SLT (10pm UK).  Join Isobel and Ed at Isobel's Old Bull and Bush pub for their grand opening and you will want to make this your permanent 'local' to sit and relax, have a dance, or play a game of Greedy!!  The wonderful pub, built by Isobel Byron, is so welcoming you won't want to go home!  So join us on Tuesday 8th May!! and don't be late!
Janey Bracken

1 comment:

Ed Follet said...

Thanks for the great preview Janey but what should have been a good old 'knees up' became a non event due to Linden labs current problems with sl. Mother Brown (Iso) and me apologise to every one who was disappointed... under the table you must go Ee-aye Ee-aye... but we are rescheduling the grand opening, watch this space for details !! Oohhh what a rotten singgerrrr lol... Thank you all for your support :-))