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Monday, 23 April 2012


We love to celebrate with everyone for their special days for their countries, we have our favourites - St Patrick's Day for Ireland, St Andrew's Day for Scotland and St David's Day for Wales.  We even like to help the USA, Canada and all the other countries celebrate their nations special days if we can get away with it, especially as we meet all the people from around the globe in SL.

Well it's a Happy St George's Day to everyone today, but we English have always felt a bit let down with our day, we've been sort of given the impression it's not politically correct to make a big thing of it (total rubbish of course!).  But then again St George's day is shared by many other countries who also have St George as their Patron Saint and he wasn't even English.

So I got chatting to Kat Kassner from New London this afternoon, and I suddenly thought up an idea.  Why don't we have another day for England Day and a competition to pick the Patron (he or she doesn't have to be a saint, they can be alive (or dead!), but someone you think has made us proud, or you just really admire them!  The only criteria is that they have to be born in England, or a fictional English person, but he/she must be the creation of an English writer, and that's all!). We'll worry about the date later on.

This is nothing to do with politics, nothing to do with the political classes telling us who to pick, this is purely for the English people to have their own day, with their own hero! The competition is open to everyone, all nationalities, there is no limit, you can even get your mates who don't use SL to pick someone they think should be England's patron.  When you choose the person who you would like to represent England, tell me the reason why, it can be serious, funny or whatever you want, just say why you chose your 'hero' or 'heroine'.  The best reason sent in will win 500L (I know people outside SL can't cash in on this prize as it's Linden currency (but probably worth more than proper money at the moment!), but get them to join SL, it's fun anyway!

Kat will set up something in New London to show the names of the nominated England Patrons and I'll put them on the blog too, plus the reasons people have voted for them.  Send me a notecard in-world with your 'Patron' and your avatar name to enter!

Janey Bracken

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