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Friday, 30 March 2012

Happy Rez Day Janey!

Yes, the mystery Rez Day girl was our very own Editor, Janey Bracken! Ed Follet and I have been lucky enough to work together with Janey over the past little while (coughs) and we celebrated together with the many friends who have often appeared on this blog over the years.

 Great music was provided by that sharp-dressed man DJ Simon Seurat.

Time flies by when it is shared by so many special people. Hope you had a wonderful Rez Day, Janey, and best wishes for the coming year!  

Hibiscus Hastings


Janey Bracken said...

Awww thank you so much Hib and a big thank you to all my friends who gave me such a lovely party. Simon was tops as our dj and I really enjoyed myself. The five years I've spent in SL has been amazing and it's all because of the people who make it what it is, you lot are just fantastic!!! (and Hib thanks for the beautiful pictures here on the blog!!)

cutewillow said...

sorry missed your rezzie day i feel so bad cute xxx

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Cute, no need to feel bad, Rez Day's are like buses another one comes along later! We'll celebrate next time for yours! xxx hugs!