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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Great Photo Contest at the West End Club

Vinnie is a wily old bird, he regularly watches the clubbers in the New West End Club hoping one of them will keel over so he can get his beak into them! Well he is a vulture after all!! However, he's winged his way to being quite a celebrity with the help of Club owners Cute and Clive! Being that he's clawed his way into everyone's affections, he's going to offer his services as a model, dressed in his best feathers, and will allow you to pose with him! Cute and Clive are having a photo contest featuring Vinnie! Here's the details:


WE ALL Love VINNIE, jan 16to feb the 14th

Take a fun pic with our Vinnie hes on the move in the club

take a cute fun shot and of you and vinnie

Vinnie will be dressed up in cute outfits,

SEND THE PHOTS TO Cutewilow Carlberg

& Clive Hissop,

1st pize 500ls

2 200ls

3 100ls

4th pic of vinnie

please keep it clean

(As Cute says, please keep it clean, or you might find yourself up against the real Beak!)

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year! and I hope that 2012 is a good year with better times ahead for everyone! (New Year's resolution - to kick out those self serving politicians who are making a right 'pigs ear' out of our lives and doing it on purpose!). It was fun last night as Hibiscus and I went around to the various New Year's Eve parties; We started at the HangOut Club, then went on to the New West End Club, from there to Club Underground and finally I went over to New London Village, where SL played me up rotten trying to get everything rezzed for pictures, as the clock struck midnight (so apologies New London for my rubbish photos, but the party was great!) I could see everyone was having a brilliant time and I bet there are a few hangovers this morning! Have a fantastic 2012!

Janey Bracken