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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Party Time Christmas 2011

I'd met Father Christmas earlier in the day and he promised to go clubbing with me later on that night! I suppose you can't rely on naughty Santa this time of year, he still had his Christmas shopping to catch up with! can you believe it? Santa shopping for his own presents? well I suppose he hasn't got another Santa climbing down his chimney so he has to suffer going round the crowded shops with the rest of us poor mortals! Anyway I did go clubbing and Santa missed a brilliant night. I first went over to Club Underground to see Seany and Brie and all the gang there. Whisper Fearne was doing a brilliant bit of dj'ing and it was party time with a mix of rockn'roll and Christmas songs! Still waiting for Santa to turn up, I decided to hop on my sleigh and travel over to the West End Club were Cute was hosting and Axle Wharton was dj'ing to a seasonal mix of terrific tunes! There are a lot of parties over the next few days and even one at the West End Club on Christmas Eve, so don't tell me you've nowhere to go! I might even be lucky enough to drag Santa to a few of them, that is if he's not too busy with Rudolph and the other reindeers!

Janey Bracken

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