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Monday, 11 July 2011

Oriental Beauty and Sad Griefer Girl

Griefing comes under all different guises, the most common griefers being the ones who try to physically upset people with SL weapons or particle clouds that swamp an area (although particles are easy to ignore, you just go to the 'View' menu and tick 'Hide Particles'.) Then there are the subtle griefers, the ones who use an alt (alernative avatar) to try to infiltrate their 'enemies' sim and cause trouble. Maybe they aren't particularly interested in the places they visit to cause annoyance, it may not be personal, they might just wander from venue to venue for the fun of it, who knows. Well there was one such avatar in the West End Club last Saturday night. It was a fabulous evening, Clive Hissop had turned the club into an oriental paradise and the clubbers had dressed for the part, they looked amazing. DJ Troy picked some great tunes, sprinkled with some comedy Goons music from the past, and Cute looked very beautiful as she hosted in her Geisha girl outfit. Towards the end of the evening another clubber arrived, only this time she wasn't dressed for the Oriental theme, she had what looked like freebie clothes and bling high heels, only her rez day was 20 January 2010, so she was far from new. You can always spot them, the ones who come in and wonder what mischief to get up to, they just stand there, not attempting to dance. Then she wandered to the back of the stage behind Cute, who gently asked her to step down, as the public aren't allowed in that area where the voting board is. The lady suddenly became vocal asking why she couldn't go there and then asking if the voting was fixed. What a shame, whoever she was would have been quite welcome to join us all in having a good time and if she comes back she would still be welcome I'm sure, but then again if people's idea of fun is to try to disrupt the evening, I suppose it must be a very lonely existence. There were some fantastic costumes that night in the beautifully decorated club and I enjoyed it all. Thanks to all the efforts of Clive, Cute and Troy (and with a little bit of banter with the would be griefer, which I always love!)

Janey Bracken


seany said...

I get it all the time theres always Alt enemies coming to infiltrate the sim i just report and ban them.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Seany,

I think everyone gets them, people get bored and want to cause a bit of trouble, you do the right thing just reporting and banning them!

Janey x

cutewillow said...

SHAME enemies or child like behavor,sad when some silly person need to make it hard for anny one to have fun.
good hoof in the arse wount hurt nun. thank you janie for the lovly write up
cute :)