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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Beyond The Universe! Well as Far as The West End Club

As I entered the hot desert landscape I could see the eerie shapes of aliens and space heroes with the loud clunking sound of robots as they turned and twisted in time with the music. This was no ordinary Sci-Fi sim, this was the New West End Club, and I expected Han Solo to come wandering in at any moment (I wished!). It was a great 'out of this world' experience with dj Troy playing some 'space' music like 'Star trekking across the Universe' and 'Sleeping Satellite'. Club owners Cute and Clive had their 'Greenie' outfits on and I nearly trod on friend Hibiscus, she was a tiny red robot and looked really comical strutting her stuff to the beat of the music. There were lots of jokes flying around, like 'beam me up snotty' and the two hours passed by at the speed of light! Another brilliant night in the West End Club!

Janey Bracken

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