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Monday, 9 May 2011

Under The Ocean Waves!

What an amazing night down at the West End Club! It was an 'under the water' theme and it wasn't quite what I expected. Arriving outside the club, at first I couldn't see anyone in there, then as I approached the entrance I could see a swimming pool and a sign telling me to jump into the water. I dived straight in and I was suddenly in the most beautiful seascape I've ever seen in SL. Club owner Clive Hissop had worked his spell again to create a fantastic ocean bed and people were dressed in diving gear and merpeople's outfits. Cute, in her pretty mermaid costume, hosted, whilst dj Zen, with his rubber duck inflatable ring, played some great music!

Janey Bracken

1 comment:

cutewillow said...

good fun that was
had a swimming good time