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Monday, 2 May 2011

The Street Parties

Well the Royal Wedding went really well, London was packed with excited people and the bride looked beautiful, in fact the whole picture of London at its best with its guardsmen marching and flag waving Britains and tourists was a sight to behold. Good luck to Kate and William and good luck to Princess Beatrice's hat, her hat was so unusual (I wanted to say awful, but think I'll stick to unusual), it got its own facebook page. I thought there were a few dodgy outfits among the guests to be honest, they should have asked me and Hibiscus along, we would have shown the others up! The party continued in SL, there was an amazing Muse tribute concert in Virtual Hyde Park and the crowd danced away to a full eight hours of fun. New London had a good old traditional street party with Kat and Laredo dancing on the table top. I spotted Teddy and Hermione Darbyshire at the other end of the table, they were dressed in Union Flag colours, so patriotic! everyone was having a great time!

Janey Bracken

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