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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Merry Sailor Home From the Seas

There's a new resident in Whitechapel 1888 and he doesn't pay any rent. You might see him if you wander the streets, or you might hear him singing a sea shanty as he drowns his sorrows, drink in hand, now he's a landlubber home from his life on the ocean waves. Spooks introduced me to the sailor, a new addition of Spook's site. The sailor won't speak to you, he's not an avatar, but he's lots of fun, and Spooks plans to have some history about the Seamen's Mission charity in the sim. I also travelled up to Spook's platform where he builds all his wonderful items, which he sells in Whitechapel or on xstreet market. He has just made a greenhouse and it looks really great, he has all the flower pots, tools and plants inside and it's just like a real life one; a must for people with their SL homes who want to add some interest in the garden. Spooks also showed me a steampunk building he has just finished, an exquisite tower with a dome on the top. The light shines through the dome into the top floor and you can see the pattern of the light on the wooden flooring, so clever! So take a trip over to Whitechapel and keep an eye out for the sailor, he may be in need of another pint of ale.

Janey Bracken

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