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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tribute to Doctor Who Star

New London Village set up a tribute to actress Elisabeth Sladen yesterday when they heard the sad news that she had died. Elisabeth had played the part of Sarah Jane Smith, one of the favourite Doctor's companians of all time, see the full story at CNN.

Janey Bracken


Static Frenzy said...

It's a beautiful memorial :)

Kat Kassner said...

I think it's wonderful so many people from the New London Village community, and many newcomers too, have come along and so openly paid tributes to Elisabeth Sladen, aka Sarah Jane Smith. I think the fact she was still in the Doctor Who universe actively, in both The Sarah Jane Adventures and in Doctor Who too, and her relatively young age of just 63, made her passing such a shock.
Elisabeth Sladen was someone who made countless children happy through her work, from 1973 and her time with Jon Pertwee's Doctor, to a wonderful pairing with Tom Baker. Then of course her return as Sarah Jane in 2006, where she was introduced to a brand new legion of young fans, who liked her so much she got her own show!
A very good actress, a massive supporter of all things Doctor Who, and a class act.