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Friday, 8 April 2011

Spook's Creations Are A Hit!

I found the magic of using sculptie maps in my building helped me to reduce the amount of prims I use drastically. I’m not an expert builder by any means, and I can’t get my head around creating sculpie maps, but I found out that I could buy maps that some very clever people have created to add to my builds, which really helped. One person who is very clever at creating sculptie objects is Spooks Blackburn, owner of Whitechapel 1888. Spooks has a great range of sculptie items for sale, he has parts of buildings, such as windows and doors right through to houses. He tells me that he is doing rather well with them too, which is great, especially if it helps to keep Whitechapel 1888 alive and well in SL! So if you want to find some great bits and pieces for building, take a look at Spook’s Whitechapel 1888 range on marketplace.
Janey Bracken

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