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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sir Korky's Medieval Quest

Hotstuff arrived ready for action, her sword drawn, the blade catching the moonlight shining through the open windows. Al eyed the sword warily, keeping his distance in case Hots decided to test out her sharp foil on him. Then the ladies of the Court arrived, Nils, Janis, Isobel, Poppy and Barbie looking resplendent in their medieval attire, a mixture of lush velvets, and damask silks with gold and silver threads interwoven into the rich fabrics. Dj Corolla and Hostess Cute welcomed their guests, their costumes of the finest quality, looking every inch the aristocrats of the elegant castle they inhabited. Castle Architect and Knight of the Realm Clive, kept a close watch over the proceedings as the rowdy gentlemen started to arrived, they too were ready for battle, their armour strapped to their lithe, but muscular torsos. The evening did not go without incident, wayward knight Korky had taken his position in the middle of the chambers and as the music played, he suddenly held a banner high above his head. What could this be? I ventured to look closer, curiosity getting the better of me. Maybe it was an invitation to a joust, or an announcement that refreshments could be partaken in the dining area of the castle. But no, as my eyes focused in the dull candlelight I read the shocking message, it said ‘SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS’. So this knight was no honourable gentleman after all. He had brought trouble upon himself as a commoner arrived and thrust a gun into Korky’s back (well it looked a bit like a musket! you have to use your imagination!). Korky suddenly froze as he felt the barrel of the gun prod him. Slowly looking around and seeing the gun, Korky passed out cold and the gunman fled. Corolla didn’t like the look of the unconscious Korky lying prone on the floor, she thought he made the place look untidy. So Corolla ordered some peasants to go and fetch a stretcher to take poor Korky to a dungeon. Korky soon recovered, regaining his strength to rejoin the ladies and gentlemen.

And the moral of this story? If you are having a great knight, don’t boob and end up with your ramparts exposed. It was a great evening at the West End Club, thanks Corolla, Cute and Clive!

Janey Bracken

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