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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

An Honour From Virtual London

I was deeply honoured the other day to be given a Founders Award for supporting Virtual London over the years. The 2008 award was given to me by London owner Debs Regent. The lovely gold plaque will take pride of place at my home and I would like to thank Debs for adding me to the list of award winners. I’ve watched London grow from those early days in Knightsbridge when I first set foot there, and I know everyone has worked hard since that date to make it the vibrant virtual capital that it has become today. There have been many stories to tell along the way, some good, some extremely good! and as you might expect, some not so good too! But that’s life, a real mix of characters having their own tales to tell and dramas to act out. Just like real life? Yes of course, these are all real people behind their avatars and that’s what makes it all so interesting, sometimes, funny, sometimes sad, sometime annoying but always intriguing to see who does what next. It’s been a joy reporting on the London sims and Virtually London (lite) has created a little bit of history documenting all those who have visited, lived and worked in Deb’s fabulous virtual creation of one of the main cities in the world. Congratulations to Alex Castaignede, the DX Exchange, Isobel Byron, MauriceClaypole Writer, Meike Heston, Twig Tomorrow, The Dove Rhode, pnc Blessed, Mystral Andel and Michelle Oyen, who also received the awards. . Talking of honours I think Teddy Darbyshire may be next in line to get one from New London, he has just released another copy of his Picture Post, with great reviews and news from Kat Kassner’s splendid sim. Don’t forget to pick up Issue 10 from Teddy's News Stand while you are there! Janey Bracken


Ed Follet said...

Congratulations on the award of your 'gong' Janey, you can put letters after your name now !! ROFL (Resident Of Foundation London) he he.

Ed :-))

Janey Bracken said...

Ed how funny!!! only you could have thought of that! it's great!

Janey xx