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Friday, 29 April 2011

Happy Wedding Day Kate And William!

Well it’s the day of the big wedding, Kate Middleton and Prince William tie the knot and love them or loathe them you can’t ignore them! I hope the sun shines on our lovely bride and groom and I’m going to sit and watch as Britain puts on a show as only Britain can, a celebration of pomp and ceremony to welcome Kate into the Royal Family.

To mark the occasion, the West End Club had a special theme last night with everyone dressed as Royals and it was a lot of fun. I found a posh hat with a couple of roses on it, complete with a sparrow perched on the brim, with my grey shift dress and expensive looking designer Leezu Baxter jacket, I thought I looked ready to be invited to Westminster Abbey, but alas, my invite never came!

We had ‘Prince Charles’ turn up, care of Ed Follet who’s avatar looked just like him, including those ears! Lana Swallowtail made an excellent looking Queen Mother, I must admit I’d never did seen the Queen Mother bopping away to the music like Lana did, she looked fantastic though! We had a few Kate look-alikes, Poppy Ling looked really sweet in her white party dress and Isobel Byron looked every inch a Kate with her long dark hair and slim figure. So too did hostess and club owner Cutewillow Carlberg, looking splendid in her long gown and tiara. DJ Janis Short, who played some romantic music, rivalled me for a front row seat in the Abbey, looking very regal with her picture hat and matching outfit. Anniefanny Resident looked stunning too in her pink dress and matching hat. Club owner Clive Hissop had his smart tux on, looking just like Prince Charming, as did Tasty Afterthought and PeterPanTopham Trafalgar, although Peter went for the more casual Prince off-duty look. Lucas Spierwit looked very handsome with his bow tie and SirSterling Sapunov looked like a Royal Footman with his colourful livery outfit. Pink Bachem could have easily been Prince Harry’s girlfriend Chelsea, with her long blond hair, and Lucy Appletor and Jewel Applewhyte were both very pretty Queens of Hearts! There were two fairytale princesses, SexyBabe Blessed and Vivian Haroldsen, looking beautiful in their long gowns. WolfBaginski Bearsfoot dropped in halfway through the evening, he was dressed as a pilot, offering a ride in his Royal helicopter.

None of us have any chance of attending the Royal Wedding, but hey! This is SL and we can all role-play the Royals if we want to! We had a lovely time and finally, in real life, I’d like to wish Kate and William every happiness for the future, William’s Mum, Princess Diana, would have been so proud of him!

Janey Bracken

1 comment:

cutewillow said...

it was lovly wedding this morning
i cryed like a baby
got up at 1 am
to watch it all finly whent to bed at 8am,
was fun to be royal for the day