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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

HangOut Club Photo Contest

Janis Short, dj and owner of the HangOut Club is having a lovely photograph competition at the club. Janis is very generous and giving L$100 Lindens away each week to the best photo to be entered. She says:

"The photo opportunity continues at the HangOut. If YOU would like your creative photo to hang in the main dance floor of The HangOut for a week, please come over and explore the many great photo ops here...take a great picture and send it to me with all permissions, you win you get $100L a press release to tell the world you're great and the photo in a position of honor right up front!!! Come on you KNOW you want to...we have single pose balls in addition to couples, try the lamp post, or the bar!"

In the picture above we have a couple of people who have already been picked as winners. Poppy Ling with her lovely portrait in the cosy bar and Ed Follet's great outdoor shot of the colourful Thames barge. Let's see you sending some photos for Janis's competition and getting your picture displayed at the club!

Janey Bracken

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