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Monday, 18 April 2011

British Cuts Anti-Government Concert

The recession is hitting hard in Britain, affecting almost everyone across the country. However, people are making themselves heard in respect of how angry they are at the way things are being handled by the Coalition government and it’s no wonder that some have decided to bring their grievances into SL. New London did an ‘SL first’ by putting on an anti-cuts concert to protest about how they feel the British public are being treated. In spite of the seriousness of the occasion and the important message they wanted to put across, sim owner Kat Kassner and manager Laredo Lowtide presented a great and enjoyable peaceful protest concert in Adipose Square, New London, starring dj Garf Serpente playing some brilliant music. Banners held high, they made it clear for all to see that the cuts just aren’t acceptable. Laredo told me “I do not believe any party that has to rely on a rival to run government should be able to make such broad sweeping changes to our country, its services and its institutions. Historically and globally this deficit does not demand changes, such dramatic changes - changes that of course suit the long-term ideology of the party creating them, specifically a historic dislike for public services. The NHS is being torn apart. People will die as a consequence as the quality and equality of care is lost.”

“And perhaps the most important point - the cuts aren't working. The attack on the public sector jobs, the rise in living costs creating reduced spending in the commercial sector, are all part of a downward spiral that puts people out of work, on the dole and of course, increases borrowing. None of the above can be justified for a harsh ideological programme from a party that doesn't even represent a strong political majority of the people.”

Laredo is completely right, people are seeing the prices of food and fuel rising whilst their wages are being cut or frozen, some see their jobs actually disappearing as services are scaled down too. Not to mention tuition fees taking a hike in England. Savings accounts lie dormant in greedy profiteering banks, who refuse to lend out to small businesses, whilst people are having to dip into their hard earned stand-by, rainy-day money they hoped would give them a secure future. People also see their pensions continuing to be raided by the government and the years they are expected to work increasing well into their old age. The Coalition warned it would be a rough ride when they got into power and indeed it is, but is it fair? the Labour ex-chief secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne left a message for them, which simply read “Dear chief secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam” Yes the UK is broke, borrowing so much over the last decade that when the bubble burst it was left with a huge deficit, plus the global recession hit which hasn’t stopped the people who caused it, the banks, still taking massive bonuses.

Thanks to people like Kat and Laredo for giving people a chance to air their views, the concert was a fantastic idea.

As for me I have a few questions for David Cameron:

I want to know why broke Britain can afford to give away £50,000,000 a day to belong to the EU for nothing in return (they want another 6%, bringing it annually to 10billion, that’s an extra £400 on each household in the UK)

I want to know why the long suffering people of Britain, already hit by massive rises in energy bills, i.e. electricity, petrol and gas are now going to be hit by a ‘green tax’ on top of this, which will be paid directly to the EU, whilst the biggest producers of carbon, India and China have no such tax and no cap on emissions, surely this is not the time or the place to make energy so expensive that people will freeze to death in the winter because they cannot heat their homes. If the EU cared about the member countries and if the Coalition cared, why would they not delay this tax? (See number crunching on this subject)

Why are cash strapped Britain bailing out the ‘Euro’ countries who have failed because of their own mismanagement, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and probably Spain, giving them billions, whilst we don’t even belong to the Euro. Finland are about to stand up for themselves and refuse to pay, why don’t you do this Mr Cameron?

Why are billions being given away in foreign aid to places like India, who has its own space program, and Africa who China have invested in heavily, building cities and railways and opening mines. Why was 650 million pounds of hard earned taxpayers money given to Pakistan at a time like this?

Why when jobs are being cut and work is hard to find in many areas are you maintaining the open borders policy and not counting the immigrants from the EU in your latest “I’m going to reduce immigration” pre-election speech Mr Cameron? In fact the EU have made a deal with India, which is obviously outside Europe, making us take thousands of Indian IT workers in the near future, as well as the current immigrants from the EU member countries. From May 1st people who come here from Europe will be able to go on welfare as soon as they step onto our shores, this will help us financially no end won’t it, an extra burden of people on benefits, all thanks to the EU.

Workers from the EU, such as the Polish people who lost their jobs here in the recession and returned home are receiving as much as £300 a month of our welfare money back in Poland, and those still working here are even claiming for dependents back home, is this the way to go when our own people’s welfare is being cut Mr Cameron?

Mr Cameron has encouraged Turkey to join the EU, knowing full well that the Turkish people will also have the freedom to travel to the UK, some 70,000,000 of them, do you think our health service will stand the strain Mr Cameron?

Why did you sign away yet another power to the EU only a few weeks ago, enabling them to view our finances, including our budgets Mr Cameron? You promised a referendum if any more powers were to be signed away after failing to deliver your promise on the first referendum about the EU. Now you have not only signed some of our armed forces away to be under foreign control since then, but you’ve also given the EU a chance to meddle in our finances, why?

Why, when your people are struggling just to live and keep a roof over their heads, are you channelling money out of this country as fast as you can, continuing to change our culture and traditions, just as Labour did, with the admitted social engineering of our population. My guess is that you are reducing this country to a third world level of cheap labour, without services, without prospects for its citizens for your United States of Europe dream career. Mr Clegg was already an advocate for this and we are beginning to see that you are the same.

Please send your answers to Janey Bracken on a notecard Mr Cameron, I would love to hear your response.


Anonymous said...

Well said!!!!!

- Drax

Wolf Baginski said...

In the past, a lot of EU money has come into Britain, paying for developing infrastructure and such, though I am not at all sure that this money was wisely spent. The last instance I was aware of was EU funding for rural development: locally, if your business scheme wasn't on a particular main road, there was no chance of getting at the EU money.

British governments are very good at using fancy words to justify ideas their friends benefit from.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Wolf, Thanks for your comments, the best way to look at the costs are by looking at MEP Gerard Batten's breakdown of the figures, he achieved this with great difficulty as it's very complicated, but if you see and look at chapter 3.3 The UK's Direct Contributions to the 2007-2013 Budget. The scary thing is they are trying to take our rebate away and tax us direct, which would put us financially completely in their control and sovereignty would be lost forever.

Janey :)

Janey Bracken said...

Bye the way have you seen today's papers? there is another £1.4billion we contribute to the EU as well, just look what they use it for:

Janey Bracken said...

For those of you who had any doubt that we are in fact being governed by the EU and not our government, there is a brand new website out today, it's for the South West, but have a look, hear the video and realise how much we are embroiled into the EU Super State.