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Friday, 29 April 2011

Happy Wedding Day Kate And William!

Well it’s the day of the big wedding, Kate Middleton and Prince William tie the knot and love them or loathe them you can’t ignore them! I hope the sun shines on our lovely bride and groom and I’m going to sit and watch as Britain puts on a show as only Britain can, a celebration of pomp and ceremony to welcome Kate into the Royal Family.

To mark the occasion, the West End Club had a special theme last night with everyone dressed as Royals and it was a lot of fun. I found a posh hat with a couple of roses on it, complete with a sparrow perched on the brim, with my grey shift dress and expensive looking designer Leezu Baxter jacket, I thought I looked ready to be invited to Westminster Abbey, but alas, my invite never came!

We had ‘Prince Charles’ turn up, care of Ed Follet who’s avatar looked just like him, including those ears! Lana Swallowtail made an excellent looking Queen Mother, I must admit I’d never did seen the Queen Mother bopping away to the music like Lana did, she looked fantastic though! We had a few Kate look-alikes, Poppy Ling looked really sweet in her white party dress and Isobel Byron looked every inch a Kate with her long dark hair and slim figure. So too did hostess and club owner Cutewillow Carlberg, looking splendid in her long gown and tiara. DJ Janis Short, who played some romantic music, rivalled me for a front row seat in the Abbey, looking very regal with her picture hat and matching outfit. Anniefanny Resident looked stunning too in her pink dress and matching hat. Club owner Clive Hissop had his smart tux on, looking just like Prince Charming, as did Tasty Afterthought and PeterPanTopham Trafalgar, although Peter went for the more casual Prince off-duty look. Lucas Spierwit looked very handsome with his bow tie and SirSterling Sapunov looked like a Royal Footman with his colourful livery outfit. Pink Bachem could have easily been Prince Harry’s girlfriend Chelsea, with her long blond hair, and Lucy Appletor and Jewel Applewhyte were both very pretty Queens of Hearts! There were two fairytale princesses, SexyBabe Blessed and Vivian Haroldsen, looking beautiful in their long gowns. WolfBaginski Bearsfoot dropped in halfway through the evening, he was dressed as a pilot, offering a ride in his Royal helicopter.

None of us have any chance of attending the Royal Wedding, but hey! This is SL and we can all role-play the Royals if we want to! We had a lovely time and finally, in real life, I’d like to wish Kate and William every happiness for the future, William’s Mum, Princess Diana, would have been so proud of him!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Freebies and Teddy's Picture Post

Not long to go now, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is on Friday and I expect there will be millions of people all around the world switching on their televisions to glimpse the bride and groom and make the most of the celebrations. I suspect, like me, you didn't get an invite, shame on them , they could have had their pictures on this blog! only kidding! However you can still feel like a Princess and Prince for the day, Virtual London are giving away a free wedding dress and tuxedo at St Mary Abbots Church in Virtual Kensington. There's also a free engagement ring, so take your virtual love along and get all set up. Also something I didn't know, Prince William is still a commoner, until he's made a Duke or given a title by the Queen, so he is just like his Kate, one of the people (I saw that on tv this week!). I wish them well and hope they have a wonderful wedding and everyone enjoys watching the celebrations.

Changing the subject, as some of you may like to get away from the wedding! Journalist Teddy Darbyshire in New London has just brought out Edition 11 of his brilliant Picture Post, so be sure to pick up your copy when you visit the New London sim. Well done Teddy it's a great one!

Janey Bracken

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

HangOut Club Photo Contest

Janis Short, dj and owner of the HangOut Club is having a lovely photograph competition at the club. Janis is very generous and giving L$100 Lindens away each week to the best photo to be entered. She says:

"The photo opportunity continues at the HangOut. If YOU would like your creative photo to hang in the main dance floor of The HangOut for a week, please come over and explore the many great photo ops here...take a great picture and send it to me with all permissions, you win you get $100L a press release to tell the world you're great and the photo in a position of honor right up front!!! Come on you KNOW you want to...we have single pose balls in addition to couples, try the lamp post, or the bar!"

In the picture above we have a couple of people who have already been picked as winners. Poppy Ling with her lovely portrait in the cosy bar and Ed Follet's great outdoor shot of the colourful Thames barge. Let's see you sending some photos for Janis's competition and getting your picture displayed at the club!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 25 April 2011

M.A.S.H. at the West End Club

There were quite a few Hotlips in the camp, whilst Hawkeye looked a popular choice too, yes it was M.A.S.H night in the West End Club! Everyone had their camouflage on with their blood splattered tee shirts. Zen came ready for surgery in his scrubs and Ed had his jeep handy to make a swift exit if anything went wrong! Clive had made the club into a jungle military base with excellent detail, including a figure of Philip Linden laying bleeding on a camp bed. Everyone looked very professional in their army gear as dj Janis played some brilliant army linked music and Cute looked after the unit staff. Then Drax walked in, well he would wouldn’t he, anything for a laugh, he had mentioned Klinger earlier, the soldier who dressed as a woman trying to get sent home in the television series. It never worked though Klinger wore his dresses and matching earrings throughout the series, but always had to stay and do his duty. Well there was Klinger Drax in his bright pink dress! Immune to comments, he danced the night away and I only hope he remembered to get changed when he logged on the next day! Nice one Drax!

Janey Bracken

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy St George's Day

A VERY HAPPY ST GEORGE'S DAY TO ALL OUR READERS - Many thanks to Wellzy Horngold for posing so beautifully in New London today.

Janey Bracken

Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Rez Day Kat!

There was a surprise Rez Day party for New London’s owner Kat Kassner last night, Kat’s friends had gathered to surprise her in the Blitz Club in New London Village. Dj Garf Serpente picked out some of Kat’s favourite tunes and the place rocked. Hope you had a great Rez Day Kat!

Also in New London this weekend, you can catch The Three E’s Party on Saturday at 12.30pm (SLT). The Three E’s are Easter, Episode One (of Doctor Who) and finally England for St George’s Day! They are having a best in hats contest, so sort out your headgear for a great prize! On Sunday there will be a special party at 12.30pm (SLT) in Remembrance of the Doctor Who star who recently died, Elisabeth Sladen. The party is to celebrate the life of Elisabeth who played the role of Sarah Jane Smith in the series.

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tribute to Doctor Who Star

New London Village set up a tribute to actress Elisabeth Sladen yesterday when they heard the sad news that she had died. Elisabeth had played the part of Sarah Jane Smith, one of the favourite Doctor's companians of all time, see the full story at CNN.

Janey Bracken

The Story of St George

It's St George's Day on the April 23, so be sure to get your flag and wave it high for England and St George! You may not know the history of England's Patron Saint, if you do or if you don't, go over to Whitechapel 1888 anyway and brush up on your knowledge. Spooks Blackburn explains about St George and how he became our hero!

Janey Bracken

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Magical Fae Folk

It was a magical night in the West End Club, the little Fae folk were dancing and enjoying the music of dj Janis Short, herself a lovely fairy in her ivy leafed costume. The Fairies and Elves looked really beautiful, gossimar wings and floaty clothes with a backdrop of flowers and mystical woodland scenery. Congratulations to Cutewillow Carlberg, she had decorated the club making it look wonderful and later Clive Hissop added some wild forest plants to the setting - perfect!

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

If You Are British Look At This Website

This isn't usually a political blog and I'm not going to turn it into one. However, there is one website that everyone in Britain ought to look at. It was launched this week as a non-political information service, so you don't have to see a bias view from any political partie's slant, it's straight talking and it's giving the British public the opportunity to see exactly what has happened in Britain. Pass this website to your friends and family, even if you just watch the short video on the introduction, just take a look, it's your future and your children's future.........thEUnit

Janey Bracken

DJ Brain's Début At The HangOut Club

The HangOut Club rocked Saturday night as dj BrainPhrozen Woodsheart made his debut. Brain played some great top 40s hits, plus some 80s tunes and everyone loved his smooth style. Welcome to the Hangout Brain and congratulations on your new job!

Monday, 18 April 2011

British Cuts Anti-Government Concert

The recession is hitting hard in Britain, affecting almost everyone across the country. However, people are making themselves heard in respect of how angry they are at the way things are being handled by the Coalition government and it’s no wonder that some have decided to bring their grievances into SL. New London did an ‘SL first’ by putting on an anti-cuts concert to protest about how they feel the British public are being treated. In spite of the seriousness of the occasion and the important message they wanted to put across, sim owner Kat Kassner and manager Laredo Lowtide presented a great and enjoyable peaceful protest concert in Adipose Square, New London, starring dj Garf Serpente playing some brilliant music. Banners held high, they made it clear for all to see that the cuts just aren’t acceptable. Laredo told me “I do not believe any party that has to rely on a rival to run government should be able to make such broad sweeping changes to our country, its services and its institutions. Historically and globally this deficit does not demand changes, such dramatic changes - changes that of course suit the long-term ideology of the party creating them, specifically a historic dislike for public services. The NHS is being torn apart. People will die as a consequence as the quality and equality of care is lost.”

“And perhaps the most important point - the cuts aren't working. The attack on the public sector jobs, the rise in living costs creating reduced spending in the commercial sector, are all part of a downward spiral that puts people out of work, on the dole and of course, increases borrowing. None of the above can be justified for a harsh ideological programme from a party that doesn't even represent a strong political majority of the people.”

Laredo is completely right, people are seeing the prices of food and fuel rising whilst their wages are being cut or frozen, some see their jobs actually disappearing as services are scaled down too. Not to mention tuition fees taking a hike in England. Savings accounts lie dormant in greedy profiteering banks, who refuse to lend out to small businesses, whilst people are having to dip into their hard earned stand-by, rainy-day money they hoped would give them a secure future. People also see their pensions continuing to be raided by the government and the years they are expected to work increasing well into their old age. The Coalition warned it would be a rough ride when they got into power and indeed it is, but is it fair? the Labour ex-chief secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne left a message for them, which simply read “Dear chief secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam” Yes the UK is broke, borrowing so much over the last decade that when the bubble burst it was left with a huge deficit, plus the global recession hit which hasn’t stopped the people who caused it, the banks, still taking massive bonuses.

Thanks to people like Kat and Laredo for giving people a chance to air their views, the concert was a fantastic idea.

As for me I have a few questions for David Cameron:

I want to know why broke Britain can afford to give away £50,000,000 a day to belong to the EU for nothing in return (they want another 6%, bringing it annually to 10billion, that’s an extra £400 on each household in the UK)

I want to know why the long suffering people of Britain, already hit by massive rises in energy bills, i.e. electricity, petrol and gas are now going to be hit by a ‘green tax’ on top of this, which will be paid directly to the EU, whilst the biggest producers of carbon, India and China have no such tax and no cap on emissions, surely this is not the time or the place to make energy so expensive that people will freeze to death in the winter because they cannot heat their homes. If the EU cared about the member countries and if the Coalition cared, why would they not delay this tax? (See number crunching on this subject)

Why are cash strapped Britain bailing out the ‘Euro’ countries who have failed because of their own mismanagement, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and probably Spain, giving them billions, whilst we don’t even belong to the Euro. Finland are about to stand up for themselves and refuse to pay, why don’t you do this Mr Cameron?

Why are billions being given away in foreign aid to places like India, who has its own space program, and Africa who China have invested in heavily, building cities and railways and opening mines. Why was 650 million pounds of hard earned taxpayers money given to Pakistan at a time like this?

Why when jobs are being cut and work is hard to find in many areas are you maintaining the open borders policy and not counting the immigrants from the EU in your latest “I’m going to reduce immigration” pre-election speech Mr Cameron? In fact the EU have made a deal with India, which is obviously outside Europe, making us take thousands of Indian IT workers in the near future, as well as the current immigrants from the EU member countries. From May 1st people who come here from Europe will be able to go on welfare as soon as they step onto our shores, this will help us financially no end won’t it, an extra burden of people on benefits, all thanks to the EU.

Workers from the EU, such as the Polish people who lost their jobs here in the recession and returned home are receiving as much as £300 a month of our welfare money back in Poland, and those still working here are even claiming for dependents back home, is this the way to go when our own people’s welfare is being cut Mr Cameron?

Mr Cameron has encouraged Turkey to join the EU, knowing full well that the Turkish people will also have the freedom to travel to the UK, some 70,000,000 of them, do you think our health service will stand the strain Mr Cameron?

Why did you sign away yet another power to the EU only a few weeks ago, enabling them to view our finances, including our budgets Mr Cameron? You promised a referendum if any more powers were to be signed away after failing to deliver your promise on the first referendum about the EU. Now you have not only signed some of our armed forces away to be under foreign control since then, but you’ve also given the EU a chance to meddle in our finances, why?

Why, when your people are struggling just to live and keep a roof over their heads, are you channelling money out of this country as fast as you can, continuing to change our culture and traditions, just as Labour did, with the admitted social engineering of our population. My guess is that you are reducing this country to a third world level of cheap labour, without services, without prospects for its citizens for your United States of Europe dream career. Mr Clegg was already an advocate for this and we are beginning to see that you are the same.

Please send your answers to Janey Bracken on a notecard Mr Cameron, I would love to hear your response.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Political Gathering in New London Tonight

Feelings are running high over government cuts and the British public are continuing to make themselves heard about how unhappy they are with what's going on. Well I've just had a head's up that there is to be an event in New London tonight at 1pm (SLT), where people will be able to air their views and use SL as a platform to get their message across just exactly how they feel. So if you have a banner, bring it and wave it high, I'll be there to join you and see what you all think!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Handy Idea To Find London Places

Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide, those wonderful inventive people from New London, have made it easy for people to find English and London related sims. They have teamed up with other English sim owners who have given their landmarks to Kat and Laredo to be included in signposts and posters which are displayed throughout SL. If you want a copy of the signs or want to be included in the next version when it comes out, contact Kat or Laredo in-world. I've got a sign at my new English Garden home, so I can just use it to teleport off when I'm scouting for a story! Thanks Kat and Laredo this is a great idea!

Janey Bracken

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Titanic Party

What an exciting invitation! To dance on the deck of one of the largest, most luxurious and most storied ships to ever sail, the RMS Titanic. Who could turn that down? So on Saturday, April 9, this beautiful ship made a brief and ghostly reappearance allowing a select few to once again enjoy her splendours.

The RMS (Royal Mail Service) Titanic set sail on April 10, 1912 from Southampton, England bound for New York City. In all there were 1316 passengers and 885 crew. At 11:40 P.M. on April 14 the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank 2 hours and 40 minutes later, at 2:20 A.M. on April 15 453 miles southeast of Newfoundland.

Once aboard the NWEC Titanic guests were welcomed by host cutewillow Carlberg, resplendent in a lovely pink silk gown. DJ Janis Short was on the bridge playing romantic music to set the mood. Couples dotted the deck and danced to such songs as “Marry Me” by Train (a special request), Kirsty MacColl’s “Titanic Days” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time”. Half way through the evening Janis played “My Heart Will Go On”, made famous in the “Titanic” film and sung by Céline Dion.

Everyone was dressed to the nines. Some of the ladies accessorized with the beautiful “Heart of the Ocean” necklace. Designer extraordinaire nils Tomorrow went a different route, deciding instead to come to the event with her rubber ducky, no doubt taking into consideration the fate of the original Titanic. And perhaps nils was psychic, because towards the end of the evening the deck began to slant ominously. Avatars continued to dance, nonetheless, but this became increasingly difficult as the freezing water began to cover the dance floor, which tilted alarmingly! There were touching scenes as some couples clung to each other, no doubt inspired by Jack and Rose of movie fame. Others danced on in the frigid water, some got closer to nils and her duck, and the rest tried to climb up the floor to safety. Being Second Life this was actually feasible. TP’ing out was another possibility, but I don’t think anyone did since everyone was enjoying the party too much.

It was another wonderful evening at the New West End Club, thanks to cutewillow Carlberg, Janis Short and Clive Hissop (even if he did try to dunk us in the drink).

Hibiscus Hastings

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Welcome to dj Zen

Zen Gartner made his first appearance as a dj at the West End Club last week. Zen did a fantastic job and played some great music. The theme for the evening was 'Tinies' and Zen had us rocking on the dance floor! Thanks for a brilliant evening Zen and congratulations on your first set at the West End Club!
Janey Bracken

Monday, 11 April 2011

Robot Hunt

Laredo Lowtide from New London told me that there is a new hunt this week and New London features in quite a lot of it. It's a Robot Hunt and Laredo said "The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society will host events in support of National Robotics Week from April 9-17 to include: presentations, tours, robot hunt, and a week-long virtual robot building competition with prizes. Hands-on classes related to building and scripting robots, and AIML basics will be taught in world. Various SL organizations are working to interest people in STEM education and careers. For the latest information and scheduled presentations, please see:" So go and have some fun in the Robot Hunt and good luck!

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Happy Rez Day to Jessii

Virtually London (lite) would like to wish Jessii2009 Warrhol a very Happy Rez Day. Jessii had a big party in Hyde Park, Virtual London tonight, celebrating with all her friends as they danced away to dj Sweetdizzy Dumpling's fantastic music. The party is still going strong with tribute band Aerosmith strutting their stuff! Jessii looked amazing and I have to give Debs Regent a mention too, Debs looked really glam tonight and she and Jessii were having a brilliant time! Happy Rez Day Jessii, may you have many more!!! (P.S. 90 people counted in the sim tonight!)

Janey Bracken