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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tarts and Vicars - More Tea Vicar?

Vicars and Tarts are always a funny combination aren’t they, you can imagine the raised eyebrows in the vicarage if the vicar is going dancing with the tart who lives up the road! It’s ok if it’s SL though, you can get away with murder. I looked through my inventory for something to wear, you would think with all that free stuff I picked up I would be able to find something tarty enough wouldn’t you! I knew I didn’t have a 'dog collar' in my sl possessions, so being a lady vicar was out of the question. Hibiscus was having similar trouble getting the right look and we seemed to spend ages getting ready. I think we had a bit of a Canadian/English language barrier in the end though, Hib paid me a back handed compliment, she said ‘You look very nice” but then added “Even if you do look a bit skanky!” Well cheeky whatsit! I’m not sure if that’s an English word, but I knew exactly what she meant and I must admit, I really laughed, it was true I did look a bit skanky! Off we went to the West End Club to see if anyone else looked like loose women, just as we did. I must admit there were some handsome vicars and some sexy ladies already there. To my surprise though, we had a few nuns on the dance floor too, including dj Saffi who was prancing around in her ‘habit’ without a care in the world. Cute who was hosting looked very naughty in her tarts outfit and Clive made a great vicar in his black clothes. Clive had really performed a miracle as well with the inside of the club, it was transformed into a very nice church, complete with pews! The jokes were flying around all night with people shouting “More tea Vicar?” and asking to be forgiven for their sins. I think they were pushing their luck though, especially Ed who was dress as a monk and Amourette who was a nun and then took off her habit to reveal a sexy outfit under it. They both had large bottles of whisky that they constantly swigged whilst dancing seductively to Saffi’s great music! I think we must have all been a bit evil though, because at the end of the evening, in the strike of a lightning bolt, the floor of the club fell away and we thought we were on our way to hell. Looking around I blamed it on Janis Short, she looked extra naughty in her tarts outfit as she puffed on her cigarette, her 6 inch platform shoes would have shocked any decent person! I pulled myself clear of the debris and sat on one of the pews and smoked too, adding to my skankyness. It all became clear the next day, Clive being a good vicar, had a confession to make. He actually put the club away by mistake and that’s why we all fell through the floor, luckily the church was a different structure inside the club, so none of us realised what had happened. Nice one Clive, it was a great end to a fantastic night!

Janey Bracken


Janis Short said...

I was definitely not responsible for the floor dropping out beneath us...but I definitely looked very skanky...thanks for the great pic...I looked even naughtier than I thought!
Thanks to saffi, cute & clive for making it a fun party:)

Cutewillows said...

shure was nootie ed looked so nottie smoken drinken
omg ed nottie vicar you made
clive shure looked cute as a vicar
he hid wiskey in the good book
giggles. clive truly made the place very lovly and holy
like a chappel
loved beeing a bit nottie my self