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Thursday, 17 March 2011

St Patrick's Day Party at the Retro Grade Club

There are many places in Second Life especially designed for St Patricks Day and I’ve looked around quite a few of the sims over the last few days. They have pots of gold and shamrocks galore, as well as leprechauns and blarney stones!
St Patricks Day was also celebrated in Virtual London tonight at the Retro Grade Club in Knightsbridge. I dropped in to join in the fun and club manager/dj Croft Atolia played lots of traditional Irish music mixed in with some favourite tunes from Irish bands. Of course, green was the colour of the evening and there were some great emerald green outfits being worn. Lots of people held their glasses of Guinness whilst they danced, and miraculously, without spilling a virtual drop! Donna Redrose, also a manager of the club, made sure the party kept going with a bang, she even produced some gold nuggets to dance a jig on in the middle of the dance floor. Soon everyone was doing a Conga line dance around the room, and the party went on way into the night. Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! (Also posted on CNN)

Janey Bracken

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