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Friday, 11 March 2011

Shop Move!

I'd only mentioned the other day about my shop in New London and suddenly I got a message from Laredo Lowtide asking me if I minded moving to another location! Well I wasn't so sure, I loved the little Victorian looking shop in the West End of New London, but I told Laredo that I would do what was best for the sim! Hibiscus too would have to move her gallery, which was just around the corner to my shop. Laredo gave me the new LM and I said I would take a look. Well when I arrived there I completely changed my mind about not wanting to move, the new location looks fantastic and Hib and I still have our amazing Victorian style shops, so we are very happy with the arrangements. As I was moving my stuff in, I met Maximum Sabretooth who rents the shop next to me. Her shop is called 'Who's Who Clothing' and she has some wonderful items for sale. I quickly set my stock up in the new store and Hibiscus filled her gallery with her Tissot paintings. Maximum quickly got her shop into order too, and now we are all open again for business. Don't ask me to move again Laredo, I really like it here, Lol!

Janey Bracken

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