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Friday, 4 March 2011

Renting a House in Virtual London

I was taking a stroll in Virtual London yesterday, it was a nice day, very sunny and you could almost feel that spring is here. The grass looked extra green in Hyde Park with the daffodils ready to burst into bloom. Virtual London has that magical essence that makes you think you are walking through the real London and just imagine having a permanent base there! It’s that time of year when people think about moving house, winter is nearly done and it’s time to start looking around for a fresh place to lay your virtual head; and you couldn’t find a better start than in the capital. I wandered along the towpaths towards Mayfair, coming upon the tall elegant houses near Speaker’s Corner, if you wanted a large spacious home these would suit you fine. For L$400 a week you can reside in luxury with a fantastic view of Hyde Park itself. Just a stones throw from the Dell café and the Coach and Horses, you could be where it’s all going on in Virtual London. Walking back through the park I took the footbridge over to Knightsbridge and looked at the posh houses in Trevor Street, tucked around the back of the main thoroughfare. Someone was having a lot of work done, renovating one of the houses, so it’s a little bit dusty at the moment, but these homes would be fantastic, a proper posh street just like the real Knightsbridge, polished gleaming front doors, Regency windows and even your own tiny garden, handy for all the London clubs too! Go for a stroll around Virtual London and have a look at the houses and businesses you could rent. While you are there pop into our Metaverse London News office in Kensington to rest your feet and pick up the latest news from Virtually London (lite) by clicking our news stand just inside the door.

Janey Bracken

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