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Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolves

"He's behind you!" we all shouted as the nasty looking wolf crept up on unsuspecting Red Riding Hood. The wolf had a nasty set of shiny white fangs showing as he looked at Red Riding Hood through his slitty yellow eyes. Of course, Red Riding Hood couldn't care less about the wolf, she knew it was only big bad Seany in wolf's clothing! We had a few Red Riding Hoods, Saffi, Janis, Isobel and Barbie, so they could have all ganged up on Seany anyway. Mind you, things could have got nasty as another wolf entered the room, it was Korky wolf and everyone made a gap around him. It wasn't out of fear, it was because Korky stopped to have a scratch as only wolves do, and people thought it was best to keep away in case he had fleas. It was Fairytale night in the West End Club and we had some lovely Princesses (Hibiscus and Nils), Snow White and one of her dwarfs (Nahiram and Truths), a couple of Robin Hoods (Ed, who was also celebrating his Rez Day and Al, once he had rezzed and we couldn't just see a bodiless head floating around!). PeterPan looked very elegant and I guess he was a Prince. Cute and Poppy were very pretty fairies and I was CinderFlippingElla (I would have been Princess Aurora but couldn't compete with Nils and Hibiscus!). Fangs a lot Seany and Korky for a great laugh (sorry about the pun!). It was a brilliant evening and I hope Ed enjoyed his Rez Day party as much as the rest of us Fairytale folk. (p.s. It's 'Arabian Nights' at the Club this Saturday at 2pm SLT)

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

was a great party everone had fun great story janey lol love the pun but i think your barking up the wrong tree (sorry just had to) lolz

Janis Short said...

i think peterpan was trying to be Harry Potter...hence the wizard's hat and the magic wand. It was a good laugh. I had originally thought it would be all about the "Red Riding Hood" film just released but fairytales sounded like way more fun.
Afterall as they say 'fairytales can come true if you're young at heart'.
Thanks to Seany & Korky for being such incredible wolves, you really made the day!

Saffi Collas said...

Was a great night, great music, and the best company. Lovely write up janey. xx

Cutewillows said...

mr wolf mr wold go bar at the moon. or chasea cat .
or have a flea bath
case youre tail
no flow red ridden hood to grammas house