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Monday, 7 March 2011

Murder Most Foul!

It was murder at the West End Club on Saturday! There were chalk marks all over the floor to show where the victims had met their grisly ends! In fact when I arrived I had just missed an actual murder taking place. There was Clive, lying prone on the floor, with an axe sticking out of his neck! No ordinary axe, not the sort you chop wood with, this one looked like something a gladiator would use and as I had my police woman’s uniform on it was my duty to put two and two together. Looking around the room I saw an innocent looking Cute who was standing there with her Victorian dress on speckled with blood. She told me she had killed a chicken for her tea, and by the way, she said I should call her Lizzie Borden! Hmmm very suspicious if you ask me, she had been seen with an axe just like the one in Clive’s neck just a few minutes before he met such a gruesome end. Another person looked very guilty, her name was Princess and I think she may have been trying to clear up after committing the crime, she was using a feather duster to wipe off any fingerprints left at the scene! There were two, not one, but two Miss Scarlets dancing around, they may have been working as a team to throw me off the scent, Hibiscus and Isobel’s red dresses would be sure to cover up any blood that may have been splashed on them. We had enough investigative officers on the scene, makes me wonder if it was an inside job. Dj Saffi, Ed and Haha looked very eliminatory in their Sherlock Holmes outfits and the air was thick with pipe smoke. A squad car pulled up outside and three Charlie’s Angel look-alikes in sexy American cop uniforms jumped out to frisk the club members (Al loved it!). Barbie, Nils and Hots didn’t take any prisoners with their style of questioning, you either answered quickly or you were cuffed and dragged off back to the police station to be interrogated more deeply! I don’t think they found who the murderer was, I think they just enjoyed frisking the crowd. Then talk about overkill (yes a pun), Inspector Seany arrived with his whistle between his teeth and took control of the whole scene. He cordoned the crime area off with police tape and threatened the witnesses with his gun! By this time I realised that I wasn’t going to get my quota of murderers and crooks, as there were too many police officers and detectives on the scene, so I sneaked off and issued them all with parking tickets, well I got to make sure I get my bonus this week haven’t I, ha ha! I heard afterwards that it was just a put up job, Clive was seen alive and well getting the club ready for the next theme night. Well done Clive, Saffi and Cute, it was a great evening!

Janey Bracken


HotStuff said...

Aw how funny janey, that made me laugh, i dont think we ever found out who-dun-it, all we came up with was clive was killed by a poison axe while he was dressed as a rabbit carrying a carrot! And i think Al was trying to get arrested so he could try out my cuffs lol!! Another mystery case unsolved in SL, oh well lest we had a great laugh xx

Cutewillows said...

it was the snow man he had the motive wasnt cute shes innocent i tell you, he melted way with an axe , he the one who has done it
poor cute aka lizzie bordon she got it too