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Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Many Faces of the New Albert Hall

I went over to New London yesterday and spotted Kat, Laredo and Wellzy in the New Albert Hall. Kat was making some changes to the inside, which looked like an amazing club venue instead of the usual turn of the century interior that the Albert Hall normally has. I asked Kat what she was doing and she told me that she was making several interiors that can be fast switched from the "normal" Albert Hall to "club" Albert Hall. Kat was installing a 'rezzer' which will enable it all to work. She told me "I can set so many scenes up, exhibitions, nightclub, anything." She said she could even have different scenes for the nightclub like 80's Disco, modern etc. This is a great idea, the building is very central to the sim and it's capable of holding lots of people because it's very roomy inside. I put the Christmas Photos on display there and it proved to be a very popular location, with many people dropping in to see it. Sim owner Kat has some wonderful ideas and this is brilliant, she can save on prims as well as having the ability to switch the building to whatever she needs it for. As we stood there she tried the rezzer out and we went from club scene to Albert Hall interior to the whole building disappearing in the flick of a switch. Hmmm! makes me think we may borrow the hall for another photo contest very soon!

Janey Bracken

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