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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Arabian Nights

Anyone who has seen Disney’s “Aladdin” knows that Arabian nights are “hotter than hot in a lot of good ways” and the New West End Club last Saturday was a great example of this. The club was turned into an oasis, thanks to genie extraordinaire Clive Hissop, complete with sand dunes, palm trees, camels (watch out, they spit!) and a vulture sitting on the sploder.
The evening was made extra special with the return of dj Brie Janick, who has been greatly missed over the past few weeks. Brie looked beautiful in a purple and turquoise outfit, and she played a wonderful mix of tunes including lots of Arabic and Arabic/English dance music as well as Bruno Mars, Paolo Nutini, Adele and JLo. Host cutewillow Carlberg, wearing a striking green ensemble, encouraged everyone to get into the spirit of the evening and “sheik” their bonbons, which they did.
Avatars dressed to impress, interpreting the Arabian Nights theme in a number of different ways. The ladies wore colourful costumes in bright pink, red, gold and purple. The men tended towards more neutral colours. Clive seemed to be channelling Lawrence of Arabia by wearing white, while Ed Follet chose a golden coloured outfit, nicely complimenting the camel standing nearby. Seany1235 Blinker went the chic sheik route in dark marine blue and white. Korky Vella dazzled us all with a couple of different outfits. He started off the evening wearing head to toe black, including a heavy face veil. Interestingly, he decided to accessorize his look with a banana. Korky exhibited great skill with the hoola hoops while still enveloped in his black robes. But later in the evening, possibly because of being overheated, he removed his robe and veil and continued to dance around energetically in only a kilt, all the while clutching his banana. A vision seldom seen, perhaps it was all a mirage. Whatever it was, it was certainly a night to remember.

Hibiscus Hastings


Cutewillows said...

The Sheek really know how to move his bonbon His Dancing Girls
Really know how to dance and Shake there bonbons
shure was fun night

Ed Follet said...

Nice report Hib, it certainly was a fun night and now I'm quite practised at the sand dance !! lol. Everyone looked great in their costumes and the setting was brilliant too and Welcome back to DJ Brie. I'm certainly looking forward to more themed events at the New West End Club. Hib the camel was my transport home which I am happy to share if you don't mind getting the hump! hehe

Ed :-))