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Monday, 21 February 2011

Ziggy Stardust Tribute Rocks London

Ziggy Stardust was playing Virtual Kensington last night, well a great tribute band rocked London big time in the style of pop legend David Bowie! The band put on a great show, and the colourful and well lit stage made a great backdrop to the lookalike band avatars as they leapt about the stage and then danced with the audience who loved it. Ziggy was played by DOC Sideways, Trevor Bolder by Delilah Questi, Mick Woodmansey by Fenice Carlucci, Mick Ronson by Buster Atlass and Mike Garson was played by Kriss Woodget. The concert was a big hit and Kensington was packed with happy people!
Janey Bracken

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